Altcoinist: $1.5M Raised by Co-founder and ETH Dev to Revolutionize Creator Monetization

Altcoinist: $1.5M Raised by Co-founder and ETH Dev to Revolutionize Creator Monetization


Press Release: Altcoinist is developing an on-chain subscription tool as a monetization solution for creator economies.

4 July, 2023, Dubai, UAE — Altcoinist, an on-chain gateway giving creators a new way to monetize and grow private communities, has successfully completed its pre-seed and initial seed round of financing, raising over $1.5M. Their Seed A round is led by EnigmaFund, a prominent venture capital firm known for its investments in web3 startups including SuperChain, Movement Labs, ATOR, Ready Games, Entangle Protocol, ZeroLend, and more.

On-Chain Solution For Creator Economies
Altcoinist aims to solve the broken monetization issue of the creator economy by introducing a seamless tool for creators to earn through forming private communities. Their solution leverages on-chain subscriptions for creators ensuring stable revenue streams while also facilitating automated revenue sharing between the creator and their community. This novel approach merges the proven monetization model of recurring payments with web3, while creators can enjoy increased earnings and retention within their community. 

Silur, Lead Developer at Altcoinist, emphasized the potential of Altcoinist: 

“Altcoinist is an interoperable tool creators can use to monetize that also acts as an engine fueling further growth, benefiting both the creator and their community, all powered by smart contract”

Backed By Experience

The core team at Altcoinist includes Christian Andsberg, Mate Tokay, Silur (Abraham Endre) and Konstantin Sebeo. Serial founders with impressive backgrounds in the web3 space. Mate founded and co-founded, while Silur, a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree and Ethereum core developer, has delivered contributions to over 50 projects including Monero and Casper Labs. Their extensive experience includes building platforms that have onboarded over 40 million users to Web3.

Konstantin, Head of Research and Creator, stated:

“We’ve built a unique product empowering creators to set up their first business (a private community) in under a minute and start making on-chain recurring income. With us, everyone finally gets a fair chance at making a significant and sustainable living from value-based content”

Strong Early Interest

Altcoinist has already attracted dozens of creators supporting the project and garnered over 55 million organic impressions on Twitter/X this year. EnigmaFund’s involvement in Altcoinist’s Seed A round is a significant endorsement of their vision and potential. The fund is renowned for backing and advising projects that push the boundaries of blockchain technology: 

“Our investment and partnership will enable Altcoinist to accelerate its development and bring its innovative solutions to a wider audience”

In addition to EnigmaFund, Altcoinist has seen participation from other notable firms including AlphaCrypto Capital, Explore Capital, Crypto Society, MoonbootsDAO, and Excelsior.

Altcoinist is also supported by a distinguished group of backers and advisors, including Theodore Agranat (Advisor of Gunzilla Games, Movement Labs, Gaimin), Rich Robinson (Entrepreneur in Residence at Animoca Brands), Thomas McLeod (5x founder with exits to Coinbase, SurrealCMS, and Tencent), Aleksander Rendtslev (4x founder with ventures backed by a16z and General Catalyst), Austin Seiberlich (Advisor of Entangle, Superchain, Ready Games, ZeroLend), and Coco (Founder of TOSHI).

Altcoinist’s CEO, Christian Andsberg, expressed excitement about the partnership with EnigmaFund, stating: 

“We are thrilled to have EnigmaFund lead our round and join our advisory board. Their expertise and support will be invaluable as we’re paving the way for a more evolved creator economy.”

Future Outlook & Seed B Round 

Having designed a platform that enhances user value and ecosystem value as it scales, Altcoinist is poised to become a key player in the creator economy as they grow. Their unique focus on simple user deployment while abstracting the complexity of smart contracts sets them apart as a leader in the rapidly evolving space of web3. Altcoinist is now raising a follow-on Seed B round to aid their go-to-market efforts. The platform is built on Base chain, ensuring a robust and scalable EVM  infrastructure.

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